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Foundation Waterproofing

Nothing is more destructive to a building’s structural integrity and health than water. Effective foundation waterproofing is more than the application of black goo to keep water from entering your basement. It’s the application process of at least three critical steps.

  1. A membrane to protect the concrete
  2. Drainage mat to relieve hydrostatic pressure and allow water to drain down, instead of in
  3. A french drain at the footing level to carry water to a daylight drain or to a sump pump.

Newer-generation liquid-applied materials using SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) are specifically designed for waterproofing concrete. They function as true waterproofing because they are completely insoluble in water and can resist hydrostatic pressure. The material is applied as a liquid. The liquid material transitions between the footer and the foundation wall, inside corners, or pipe penetrations to perfectly conform to surface variations

As the leader in foundation construction on Long Island, we work closely with engineers to create lasting structures that last the test of time. With stability, strength and integrity in mind, forms are used to the highest level of detail and accuracy to construct foundations used to support a variety of applications.

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